Bridge Elementary School


Super Heroes Sports Coming Friday June 14th

2019 Bridge’s Super-Heroes Sports Day


Get ready for some wacky and hilarious Super-Heroesadventures at Bridge’s 2019 Sports Day. This year’s event is shaping up to be an exciting one and we hope you are able to join the crime fighting  (and slightly silly) superheroes who will be invading our school on June 14th. Our Grade Seven students have been busy planning some action-packed stations for our students. We are all looking forward to a great day together and can’t wait to see  the Red IncREDibles, Green Guacamoles, Blue Stan Lees, and Yellow Wasps leaping and bounding and battling evil doers – and mostly, having fun – at this year’s Superheroes Sports Day. 


The AGENDAfor the day is as follows:


8:20    Decorated bicycles to gym.


8:45   All students report to classrooms for attendance and review expectations for the day


8:55    Bicycle Parade participants to the gym.

            All other students to line up in teams in their houses, in the centre of

            the field to cheer the parade.


 9:10   Bicycle Parade- Follow parade route.

            Bicycles to be returned to the gym.


9:25    Preschool Race, in the centre of the houses.


9:35    Cheersby houses.


9:45    Stations:Teams move to their first of 8 station.

Snacks - Watermelon break after 3rd station and Freezie Break after the 6thstation.


12:00Lunch: Pizza Lunch (if pre-ordered on-line) or bag lunch from home

            Parents are welcome to have picnic lunch with their children at this time.


12:40Afternoon Activities:

Houses/Teams line up as in morning.


12:45Tug - o – War(Grades 4/5)         

            K-3 Shoe Toss

            Tug – o - War(Grades 6/7)

            Tug - o – War(Parents vs Grade 7’s)

            Balloon Toss(Grade 7s partnered with parent or teacher)


1:38    Dismissal




Once again, all Bridge families and friends – you are invited to the 2019 Sports Day at Bridge – get ready for some mad-cap, wild, and wacky superheroes fun this Friday June 14th


Sun, 2019/06/09 - 10:49am