Bridge Elementary School


Pro-D Day Friday September 20th - No School In Session

This Friday September 20th is our first of six Professional Development days through the school year. These days provide our educators a chance to learn new strategies and frameworks for improving teaching and learning for our students - and to receive training on the latest changes and trends in our provincial curriculum.

This Friday our staff will be meeting to look at the following areas of teaching and learning:

  • Early Literacy 
  • Numeracy
  • Technology - Communicating Student Learning and Reporting using "e-portfolios" 
  • School Learning Goals for 2019 - 2020 - developing a school-wide vision for teaching and learning
  • Outdoor Learning and Alternative Learning Enviroments 
  • The New BC Curriculum - a focus on "The Core Competencies"

No school is in session on this day - we hope our students enjoy their long weekend.

Mon, 2019/09/16 - 9:43am