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Toonie Tuesday Pizza Days Coming to Bridge

Toonie Tuesday 

Dominoes Pizza Days

Pizza days are very popular with the children, they help parents who want a break from making lunches every day and it is a wonderful fundraiser for our school.

Upcoming Dates:

On October 8th and October 22nd, a group of parent and student volunteers will be serving Domino’s Pizza. 

Pizza Choices and Pricing:

Three choices will be available during this trial period, Cheese, Pepperoni and Hawaiian (Ham and Pine-apple).  Each slice will be $2.00. 

No Pre-Ordering:

There will not be pre-ordering of the pizza on Tonnie Tuesdays - students will simply bring $2 per slice and order their choice of pizza when they arrive at the pizza line. 

For planning purposes, teachers will be asking their students ahead of time for their pizza preference and the quantity they will likely have (eg 1 or 2 slices), on pizza days,, but they will not collect money before each Pizza Day. 

At beginning of lunch on Toonie Tuesday, students are asked to bring the exact amount of money needed to purchase the number of slices they wish to order. Volunteers will not have the ability to make change as lunch needs to be served in a timely and efficient manner. Groups of parent/student volunteers will be set up close to your child’s classroom. Older student leaders will be on hand to help younger ones - so please do not have older siblings be responsible to purchase slices for their younger siblings. Less hallway traffic makes delivery much easier. 

To help reduce waste, please have your child bring in to school a reusable plate in a bag for these days. Pizza slices will be placed on these reusable plates - napkins will be available for those without plates. 

As mentioned above, this is a trial period and if both October Pizza Days are successful, perhaps this could be a weekly lunch option. If there are any questions or problems on pizza days, children are asked to speak to parent volunteers who can help solve any issue immediately.

Thanks to Sharline Gosal for organizing the Pizza Days - an exciting new addition to life at Bridge!

If you are available to help Sharline and her team of parent volunteers to help out for 45 minutes on future Tuesdays, please hand in your contact information to the office. 

Fri, 2019/09/27 - 11:00am