Bridge Elementary School


Parking Lot and Traffic Safety Concerns

Dear Bridge families:

We need your assistance to help keep our students safe.

A number of serious traffic safety concerns have been raised by other parents and our staff regarding the behaviours of Bridge parent drivers in our parking lot and on our neighbouring roadways during drop-off and dismissal times. These concerns include the following:

  • Vehicles being driven above the speed limits and/or at an unsafe speed on the streets and in the parking lot
  • Vehicles driving the wrong way as they enter our parking lot
  • Vehicles parked illegally on the roads and in and around the parking lot (e.g. in front of the chain) 
  • Vehicles parked and/or left unattended in the drive thru / drop off lane
  • Vehicles parked in spots designated as "Staff Parking Only"
  • Vehicles parked in the Handicapped space without proper permits

These inappropriate and unsafe driver behaviours are putting our children at risk as they attempt to cross the crosswalks within the parking lots and get safely home or to the school on the roads that lead to and from Bridge. When the parking lot and roads are dangerously congested, and people are parked in illegal or undesignated spaces, sightlines are compromised and it is difficult to see pedestrians making there way to and from the school. We understand that it may be an inconvenience to park a little further away in a legal parking space and then walk to the school to pick up or drop off your child, but it is far more important that we keep our kids safe.

The RCMP have been notified by some neighbours and by the school and they will soon be enforcing the speed limits and parking bylaws in order to ensure our students' safety. We are sending this notice home at this time to provide awareness of the issue before the police begin their planned traffic safety enforcement - and we hope this prevents any of our parents from receiving a ticket. More importantly, we are reminding Bridge famiies to please drive in a responsible and safe manner - and to be respectful of long established rules for our parking lot - so that none of our students are hurt on their way to and from school.

Thank you for your consideration of these concerns and for helping keep all of our children safe.


Tue, 2020/03/10 - 9:15am