Bridge Elementary School


Bridge School Seismic Renovation Approved by Province

Dear Bridge Families:

We received some great news last week indicating that the Province has approved a seismic upgrade renovation of our existing school facility. 

Some highlights to share at this point include:

1) The Provincial approval for Bridge school is for an upgrade / renovation project. It is important to note that this seismic upgrade will not be a school replacement or a partial replacement project. 

2) Renovations / Construction begins March 2022.

3) Lots of prep and design and meetings will take place before then - beginning very soon.

4) The good news regarding the plan for Bridge is that it is the least disruptive option that was considered for our school community. 

Rather than moving a large number of students and staff or alternate program to another school building, which may have been necessary if the plan called for a school replacement or partial replacement - this renovation will only require some temporary accommodations to be placed on Bridge school grounds through the process. Therefore, this plan will allow all of our students and staff to remain on-site throughout the duration of the construction: 

Four portables will be installed in August 2021 (this summer) in order to temporarily house the classrooms and/or learning spaces impacted during each phase of construction.

5) Presently, the tentative schedule shows renovations to be done in 7 phases (these are subject to change) from March 2022 through to July 2023. Each phase will take approximately 2-3 months to complete.

Stay tuned for more information regarding this exciting construction project. As we receive updates from the District and Construction Project Management, we will be sure to communicate the latest information to Bridge parents ASAP in the coming months regarding the plan to make our school building a safe one for our students, staff and families.


Best regards


Mr. Hurst and Mme Lin 

Mon, 2021/01/25 - 1:23pm