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Student Cell Phone Guidelines

As a staff, and with the help of our school counsellor, we discussed these draft guidelines and spent the year teaching students how to use cell phones and technology appropriately for educational purposes.   As soon as they were put in place, we noticed a decrease in the number of challenging behaviours and issues related to online misuse.  Parents were fully supportive of the guidelines when we shared them via our newsletters and at our PAC Meetings as many families are also struggling with digital citizenship and responsibility with their children. Our counsellor also provided several resources and websites for us to send home in our communication for families including:

Canadian Centre for Child Protection:

Safer Schools Together:

Next year we are hoping to have students design infographics to incorporate and publish these guidelines.

Bridge Student Cell Phone Guidelines (DRAFT)

  1. If students bring personal devices to school for educational purposes, they need to be used only under direct supervision by a teacher (ie. not in the hallway, not out of sight) and only for the purpose of a specific learning activity
  2. All of these devices are to be locked (in a cupboard, drawer, etc.) during recess and lunch, by the teacher (not in a student's backpack/coat, etc.).  The devices are not to be taken outside of the classroom at any time (for breaks, to go to the washroom, when going to another class/band, etc.)
  3. If students have an "emergency" use for a phone at any time during the day - they are welcome to come to the office to have us make this call with them or use the classroom phone under direct supervision by a teacherStudents should not be receiving or making calls/texts while at school on any device (personal or school).  
  4. If a device is not required for a learning activity, it should not be brought to school. 
  5. If parents want to send their child to school with a phone for before and after school safety, that is the only time they need to have access to it.
  6. Any student who is not complying with these safety rules will risk having their device held by the office until the end of the day. 
Updated: Thursday, July 7, 2022