Mindful Monday - Mental Health Awareness Week

In May, as part of Mental Health Awareness Week, our students and staff met in the gym for a Family Team Activity centred on Mindfulness.  Students sat with their Family Team to learn more about "What is mindfulness?" and "How does it connect to our Mental Health?"  After watching a short video, teams moved to a classroom or space around the school to take part in a variety of mindful activities organized by the teachers.  These activities included:

Mindful breathing exercises

Mindful listening to classical music


Calm App activity

Mindful Art

Sharing Activity


Rock Painting

Chakra Activity

Aromatherapy Experience

Musical drawing activity

Nature walk

We're hoping that all Bridge Bulldogs will remember these experiences and draw upon them when they are feeling frustrated, anxious, worried or upset.  The students left the activities refreshed and we hope to continue more school-wide events like this in the future.

Updated: Thursday, January 18, 2024