Staff Book Club

Eleven members of our staff (administrators, classroom teachers, resource teachers and ELL teachers) met once a month this year to read and discuss Jo Chrona's book, Wayi Wah! Indigenous Pedagogies - An Act for Reconciliation and Anti-Racist Education. 
Our Teacher-Librarian sent the group guiding questions for the reading selection of the month and the discussions were rich and thought-provoking. The group was encouraged to make notes or journal as we read for future discussions and to think about some of the ways we are including Indigenous Education in our teaching. 
Some of the guiding questions included:
-What are some things you do well?
-Which areas you want to improve? learn more about?
-Do you have any current goals related to Indigenous Education in your classroom?
-Where are you in your journey? Where would you like to be? What could help you?
-How can assumptions harm students?
-Where are you right now with your awareness of indigenous knowledge and how they can be infused in our education systems? At beginning of your learning journey or continuing to learn? What steps will you take now? 
We also shared websites and additional resources including:
White Educator Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Teacher Bag
Questions about privilege, inspired by Peggy McIntosh:
Updated: Monday, August 7, 2023