Spring School Scan 2023

As a whole school staff, teachers and EAs collectively scanned our learners at Bridge Elementary over the course of a month.  We all participated wholeheartedly, took the time to connect with 2 to 5 different students each, to interview and scan our students.  We wondered:

  • What is going on for our learners? 
  • How do we know?
  • Why does it matter?  

The questions we asked were based on "The Spirals of Inquiry" which included:

Can you name 2 adults at Bridge who you feel care about you/ believe you will be a success in life?

How do they show that they care about/ believe in you?  How do you know?

What are you learning at school? / What are the big ideas you are exploring?  Why is this important?

How are you doing with your learning?  Why?

Something I can not do yet is….?

I can get there by learning…..?

Where to next?  Tell me what the next piece of learning is for you.  What do you need to do to get better at this?

What do you need to keep your heart happy at school?/. What do you need in order to learn and thrive at school?

Where do you feel the most safe at school?

What helps your mind, body and heart feel calm when you have big feelings?

What are some helpful strategies you have to cope with difficult emotions?

During our next Professional Development Day, staff will explore this evidence, along with this year's Student Learning Survey, to determine our focus moving forward.  Questions we will explore and process we will follow:

  • What did you learn about your students by deeply listening?
  • What questions did it leave you with?

**Due to time constraints, this portion of this journey will take place in September 2023.  Stay tuned!

Updated: Saturday, August 26, 2023