Belonging: September 2023

Our Spring School Scan revealed to us that many of the students interviewed were able to name adults who cared for them at Bridge and were able to describe what actions and words demonstrated this care.  These questions, based on the Spirals of Inquiry, are important as they centre the learner and give us information as to how connected are the learners to their school community.  

To build on this, our staff and students embarked on a journey of discovering and belonging.  What does it mean to belong?  How does it feel?  How do you know?

As described in "a kids book about belonging" by Kevin Carroll, "Belonging is when you are a part of something.  When you feel included.  It also means you feel...SAFE.  Like when you're asleep in bed...or when you're with someone you love."

Our students and staff created individual banners, put together as a whole, to create a feeling of belonging and care in the hallways of our brand new school.  Having this activity completed with all staff helped to "bridge" understanding and define belonging among all the members inside our school.  


Updated: Thursday, January 18, 2024