Fall 2023 Scan

The initial scan that we did in spring 2023 of our Bridge students brought more questions than it did answers.  We learned that many of our students were able to name adults in our school to whom they felt connected to and could describe what they did that made them feel special.  But what about the students?  Do they feel care from the peers around them?  

In the fall, we again scanned our school community, this time using the online platform, Socrative.  We used questions influenced by the Spirals of Inquiry.  Questions included:

1.  People are kind to me at Bridge.  True/ False.

2.  I feel cared about by adults at Bridge.  True/ False.

3.  I feel cared about by other kids at Bridge.   True/False.

4.  I am able to share my thoughts at Bridge.  True/ False.

93% of the students surveyed stated that people are kind to them at Bridge.  7% said people are not kind.

96% of the students surveyed that adults at Bridge make them feel cared for.  4% said the adults at Bridge do not.

92% of the students surveyed feel cared about by other kids at Bridge.  8% do not.  

80% of the students surveyed believe that they are able to share their thoughts at Bridge.  20% believe that they can not.

All this information, in addition to that gathered in recent student learning surveys, will be looked through carefully to inform our next steps as a school community.  Groups of staff members have dived into different inquiry projects based on the information gathered.  One involving student voice, the other involving indigenous ways of knowing and connection.  


Updated: Saturday, January 13, 2024