Our Focus

How can we ensure that everyone - students, staff and families - feels a sense of belonging in our community?

William Bridge Elementary has always been known for its amazing tight knit community.  Prior to the pandemic, this school hosted community breakfasts, school fairs, and all types of events that involved our whole community.   

In the last couple of years, Bridge has gone through much change.  Two full years of seismic construction, changes in staff, a gradual demographic shift and increase in students have been transforming how Bridge sees itself.  

Action Statement:

Since September 2023, we have been unpacking and reviewing our student scans and staff reflections on "belonging" and what it means to our community.  We are incorporating these actions to connect our classrooms to this focus question:

1) ensuring that core competencies and First People's Principles of Learning are incorporated in our planning and teaching

2) providing opportunities for our students to give voice in our classroom and school-wide activities, through self assessment, circle discussions, multi-modal opportunities for sharing learning and ideas

3) ensuring that we are utilizing the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion when planning for our school community

Evidence Statement:

We hope that all members of our community feel welcome here.  Over the past year, we have surveyed (formally and informally) students, staff and families to gather their feelings and thoughts on belonging and how it relates to their experiences at Bridge Elementary.  As a community, we continue to work on building connections and developing belonging amongst all to support our students the best we can.

We will know that our work is making a difference when students demonstrate a high level of engagement with learning at school and participation in school wide/ community activities.  They will feel curious and inquisitive when learning and confident in their ability to articulate their ideas and share their thoughts with others.